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The Power of Enterprise is ‘EPIC' according to Gilcomstoun P6’s.

‘Epic’ and ‘Interesting’ were just two of the words used to describe an event at Elevator HQ on Thursday the 18th of February 2016 when we weregraced with the presence of over 30 Primary 6 pupils from Gilcomstoun Primary School. The theme of the event was enterprise and teamwork. 

Soft pod pic 2Here at Elevator you might know us best for supporting entrepreneurs and helping people follow their dreams by progressing a business idea, but we also do a wealth of work with young people in schools, colleges and universities on the topic of enterprise, entrepreneurship and leadership. 

Project Team Leader, Karen Clark, who drives our community driven initiatives  liaised with Sally Sweet at Aberdeen City Council with the hope to Gary 1link up more businesses with pupils are part of their enterprise modules at school, so Elevator crafted a session for the pupils at Gilcomstoun Primary School. The event, running from 9:30 to 12:30, was a mix of practical hands-on activities, discussions in meetings with Business Gateway advisers, and we even had Aberdeen City Council’s Environment Health specialists on hand to advise the pupils on any business ideas in the Food & Drink industry. 

Karen Clark, Project Team Leader at Elevator said, “The sessions were geared towards experiential learning and we wanted the pupils to go away inspired, having developed a clearer idea of where their own business idea was going. It was important that they learned about everyone in a team being heard and the importance of collaboration and compromise."

Business advice SamThe teams came to us with 'a vision' for their businesses already in place, and  the hope was that this session would enhance this further as well as  increase their  understaning of starting and running  a business. 

We were delighted to see that the pupils responded enthusiastically, fully participating and engaging in the process. The pupils were really open to learning new concepts Their teacher, Mrs Gillian Bonn had prepared the pupils well, with a good grounding for the event. They even did things like shaking hands, networking and asking Business Advisers for Business Cards - teaching the pupils some early business etiquette. 

The session also included learning based on a psychological study and Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy about the Powerpose - how powerful body language can lead to power outcomes, and how to fake it until you make it, or fake it until you become it. 

Mrs Bonn said about the event on behalf of her and her Primary 6 pupils:

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Elevator for our workshops and meetings, it was so inspiring for us and an invaluable experience engaging with you all. We learned so much about critical skills in business and we loved listening to your CEO Prof. Gary McEwan and his stories about the businesses he started. We were saying on the bus home how much we would love our school to look like your office. We have attached our three words which sum up the experience for us. “



If you would like to learn more about enterprise in the education work that Elevator does please contact Karen Clark: / 01224 289711.


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