Just a reminder that we all need to adjust our clocks this Sunday, 30th October 2011!

Time for ChangeAs winter is upon us, our clocks are to go back 1 hour this weekend, from British Summer Time, to Greenwich Mean Time.

For those in business it’s a busy time remembering to change settings on the heating, air con, telephone systems and most importantly external lighting.

At our Business Centres, these changes are all taken care of by our centre coordinator so our tenants can get on with running their business and not worry about reconfiguring systems.

Did you know that we have been changing our clocks in the UK for nearly 100 years?

Back in 1905 a builder from London, William Willett, became obsessed with the idea that everybody should get up earlier in the summertime, as evenings were not long enough for pleasure or outdoor recreation. Could something not be done to transfer the morning day light hours to the evenings?

By 1909 the he had attracted the attention of the authorities and a Bill was introduced in the House of Commons to make it compulsory to move the clock forward in summertime.
In 1909, the Bill went to a Select Committee, but it was doubtful whether anything further would have been heard of it had it not been for the War. In 1916, an expert committee was set up to enquire into ways and means of saving fuel and the Committee advised that Willett’s scheme should be adopted.

After the War, several Acts of Parliament were passed relating to summer time. Eventually, in 1925, it was enacted that summer time should begin on the day following the third Saturday in April and close on the first Saturday in October.
(original source: http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/ref/Willett.html)

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