Well this time last week you were listening to some inspirational speakers and perhaps thinking where you could go with your business idea or who you could turn to for help.

Have you made the leap yet?  Ask yourself the question - where can you take this idea?  Do you need premises, maybe a ‘virtual’ office so you can keep working from home but have a professional address?  Do you need to attend networking events to get the word out there; there’s a lot in the North East of Scotland. 

Maybe your question is more about getting some guidance.  Attend any free workshops you can.  Business Gateway runs these on a regular basis right across the North East.  You will meet with others who are at the start line too, who may be going through exactly the same as you are, or they may even have solved a problem you are facing and can tell you how they fixed it.  Best of all you will be in a like minded crowd, in a safe environment to discuss your concerns.  You may even be able to get a dedicated Business Advisor through Business Gateway or The Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust which will allow you to bounce your idea off someone else.

Finance is always a difficult one, but the banks have made promises to try and help new businesses – you will need a robust business plan though.  There are other funding agencies out there depending on which sector you will be setting up in – you just need to know who to turn to and ask.

Enterprise North East Trust can help with all of these things. Make it Happen, create a job for yourself and a good product or service for others, you know you can do it with a little help.

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