David Percival

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E Commerce Business Adviser

David Percival is an experienced start up and business growth adviser with Business Gateway Aberdeen City and Shire and specialises in providing clients with a wealth of knowledge to drive their business forward online and via their web presence. David is a Specialist in Online Marketing and multi-lingual website translation and marketing.

David will be able to assist start up and growing businesses with Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing along with advising on Best Practice Web Design to help with business opportunities.

Shelagh Swanson of Oil and Glass said: "I found the session with David Percival very useful, covering a range of important topics such as search engine optimisation, satisfying any legal obligations and checking the ease of use of our ecommerce functionality. I found all of David's advice was relevant, insightful and useful. He obviously has a very in-depth understanding and knowledge of his field and was clear and concise in delivering his recommendations."