Jules Lancastle

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Accelerator Manager - Aberdeen

Jules is a positive enthusiast of ambitious entrepreneurs and enjoys the energy of rapid growth enterprises.  

Building on her own career in leadership training and programme development, she began her entrepreneurial journey with a consultancy business in 2002.  

Running a community sports tournament as a sideline hobby, she saw the opportunity to create a scalable employee engagement business.  

Having identified a co-founder, she established her second business ActivityMix, which ran until 2016.  

Over 14 years Jules has developed several business models and worked with many blue chip companies including investment banks and oil companies, as well as SMEs, community groups and charities.

‘Helping founders experience the pride, passion and fun rewards of an accelerated start up, is very exciting!   Nurturing the energy and momentum of entrepreneurs to get more scalable business ideas across the start line is a great challenge that I am up for!’