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Programme Manager

Karen joined Elevator for the second time in 2010, after previous being employed in the organisation there in a variety of roles (PA, Events Co-ordinator and Project Manager) from 1999 to 2007. Karen is and involved in all Elevator initiatives projects, which focus on Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Employability. Karen’s work is mostly working with college and university students, secondary school pupils, unemployed people and young budding entrepreneurs.
Karen loves seeing people grab opportunities and making the most of them and tries where she can to help them do that. Karen thoroughly enjoys the Elevator Challenge – a weekend of outdoor activities, business challenges, and mentoring enterprising young people and of course, because it takes place in Perthshire, lots of midges!

Karen obtained her degree in Social Science through the Open University following 6 years of self-study whilst working and looking after her family, this led Karen into working for the Enterprise Network – a second career for her after years in fashion retail.

Karen enjoys running, likes a dance, camping and live music keep her going throughout the summer – a big fan of music festivals.