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Operations Manager

In Roz's role of Operations Manager - Aberdeen at Elevator, appointed in late 2016, she works closely with the business community, building strategic partnerships and works with our Business Support Team and beyond to deliver a high quality and effective support services in the Aberdeen City and Shire area.  

Having been an Adviser at Elevator delivering enterprise services and Business Gateway support since 2000, Roz has supported thousands of businesses in that time through their planning, start-up and growth phases. 

Roz has built wide spanning skills and knowledge during her time at Elevator, these have been bolstered by studying a CIPD in Personnel Practice, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management, a Diploma in Business Advice and Counselling and an MSC in Agri-Business Management.  

Roz looks forward to expanding her networking, helping business owners to connect the dots through our signposting of available support. At Elevator we love to help people to take their plans and aspirations to the next level and pride ourselves on ‘Making it Happen’.