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Elevator's Accelerator Programmes are geared to assist ambitious early-stage business owners, entrepreneurs, founders and teams to improve their business offering, growth and investment potential at an accelerated rate.  

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Participants, known as Founders, undertake an intense 12-week entrepreneurial experience to test, research, develop, launch and refine a product or service-led business to become pitch and investor ready.

Elevator's Accelerator Programmes cover different entrepreneurial themes each week from business models and goal setting, identifying new market opportunities, intellectual property, scale, growth and exit strategy. Founders are surrounded by cutting edge technology and continual networking opportunities. 




Within the Programmes, our team and complimentary mentors and supporters challenge entrepreneurs, their goals, their plans and their business ideas. 

A message from the Elevator CEO, Prof. Gary McEwan:

Yekemi from Yo!Marketing

Sam and Nick from Ebar 

Tristam from Deep Water Oil Tools