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Joanna Morris

About the business:

The aim of my business will be to inspire people to learn more about the Earth and encourage more girls to study and pursue a career in geology.  The first element of my business has been about creating recipes that teach geological principles.  The recipes are in two parts i) a step-by-step guide to show how to make the bake and ii) "the sciency bit" that explains the geological principle.  Examples include Spinach and Ricotta Trilobites, Tuna Mayo Ammonites and Dig-the-Dino Jelly.    The second part of the business is to encourage people to get out and about to explore the world around them.  Whether that be to the local beach to find fossils or internationally to find the next erupting volcano! 

The drive behind me wanting to do this is simply that I have loads of fun being a geologist.  I never wanted a job sitting behind a desk and clicking buttons on a computer.  I wanted to travel, explore off the beaten track and loved figuring out how the Earth works.  As geology isn't a mainstream subject in school I never knew the possibility of studying it.  If it wasn't for a chance encounter when I was seventeen I may have never ended up choosing it as a degree.  I want to share my photos and stories to make people aware about this fantastic subject and what it can lead to in the future if you study it.

A particular struggle that I have faced whilst working as a geologist is being a women working in such male dominated industries.  It is challenging to be yourself and have the confidence to stand up in a work environment where the work culture demands you to be brash and assertive.  Women are simply different and rather than being cast as difficult, argumentative and bossy I want to show that we can be driven, creative and successful.  By building a network of women who currently work in the industry we can provide a boost of confidence to girls who may be put off from pursuing a career in science.

Target Market: 

Kids, Bakers, Travellers and Earth Scientists.

The business described in 4 words:

Earth sciences with cake

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