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Tero Luoma

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At Novus we offer people the tools and advice to better understand and control their energy requirements. We aim to reduce the power energy companies have over their clients, by helping people use less energy and where applicable, generate their own. We are spearheading solar change in the UK, aiming to save our customers money while giving back to the planet.  Trust is at the heart of everything we do, and we look at each client as a project and offer them a bespoke solution, where several technologies work in tandem.  We are your local, intelligence lead, engineering based energy conservation experts.  

Novus Elements is the UK's only solar angel, authorized to issue digital currency as an added incentive for solar power producers, offsetting the dwindling feed in tariff. whether you are an existing solar panel owner (solar coin back tracks till 2010) or a new one, start claiming your Solar coin TODAY, by getting in touch with us for our unique Solar Angel code.

Target Market: 

House, farm and business owners.

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Future Proof Electrical Contractor

  • Tero Luoma