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Bob Gentle

About the business:

We help businesses leverage digital platforms to reach, engage and convert audiences into following, fanbase, opportunity and income. We do this using our Gravity Digital Sales & Marketing Framework.

In terms of platform and technology we work across web design, search, online advertising, social media, email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and more.

Our business model consists of tiered engagements. We provide high-quality information for free, e-learning, group coaching, individual training and agency services.  We also plan a range of events to support and leverage our audience.

Target Market: 

Our tiered offerings each target a different market segment.  

Our premium end user agency services ( current core business ) targets confident SME companies looking to organise and exploit digital.  

Individual coaching is aimed at marketing professionals or in-house teams who simply need a strategic assist and  will do the heavy lifting internally.

Group coaching is aimed at small business.  We provide strategic and tactical support and a structured coaching program to ensure benefit from the outset and over a period of time clients grow in independence and confidence.

E-learning (planned) is aimed a those who want on-demand tactical or strategic information.  This will mainly be aimed at soloprenuers and startups.

Media operations ( initial stages ) to build reach and authority targets the business owner who wants to grow or the marketing pro who wants to perform better to build reach and authority.

The business described in 4 words:

Powerful online lead generation

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