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Company Name:

Live Visit

Name(s) of founding team:

Chris Bradwell

What is the business?:

Pocket Time Machines bring together your castle visit and the legendary stories and medieval architecture from 700 years ago in the place where you’re stood.

This historic rendition of royalty, lairds, revolutionaries, architecture and adornments, thrills, drama, mystery, action and culture all in full high-detail mixed reality, is placed in the hands of tourists by using the existing untapped power of the mobile devices already in their hands they currently use to merely take photos of the attraction with.

For nine to 90 year old, Pocket Time Machines are an immersive visitor experience for any heritage attraction.

Poised to reach large audiences, create new audiences and boost regional and national tourism.

The plan to bring this to market is in place and raising funds now.

We're in advancing talks with a Castle.

Target market:

Heritage visitors and attraction operators.

6-word story describing the business:

Pocket Time Machines at historic attractions.

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