Matchmaking for Founders

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The Co-Founder Catalysts are designed to identify individuals who have management experience, business ideas, money to invest, skills and ambition (in any combination) and, most importantly, a desire to form a Founder Team. Through a series of six workshops, running between 13 November and 29 November, selected individuals will work with up to 15 likeminded peers and explore:

    • Personal insights and communication styles
    • Idea generation and open innovation
    • Pitching Founder value
    • Team formation
    • Intro to Business Model Canvas
    • Planning for acceleration

Participants are pre-qualified through selection interviews taking place on the following dates;

  • Monday 30th Oct Co-Founder Catalyst Interviews by appointment
  • Monday 6th Nov Co-Founder Catalyst Interviews by appointment

 To book your appointment please follow these links:

Jules Lancastle - Accelerator Manager - Aberdeen :

Simon Fraser - Accelerator Operations Manager :