Summer Accelerator Aberdeen

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Summer Accelerator Aberdeen

Join us for the pilot of our Summer Accelerator programme in Aberdeen, aimed at students, recent graduates and academics.

4 June - 26 July 2018

Includes an entrepreneurial boot camp called The Elevator Challenge from the 18th to the 20th June 2018.


Learn about Daryll Morrow, Founder of Udrafter's experience participating in Elevator's Accelerator Programme:  


Spend 2 months immersed in your own business and learn how to:

• Explore the opportunities possible through your business idea.

• Develop Business Models that work to help you reach your goals.

• Gain personal insight into your skills and talents. 

• Gain real-life pitching experience

• Build a team to help you reach collective goals. 

• Improve your personal network.

• Benefit from Mentor insights - meet the people who have 'been there and done it' 

• Hone your leadership skills in wild and new environments (you'll see!).

• Learn and then apply tools and techniques to validate your business idea.

• Discover what a 'beachhead market' and who yours could be...

• Develop your initial customer base.

• Evaluate your competition

• Showcase your business to the community. 

• Celebrate your success!

This cost-free opportunity (yes that's right it is free to participate!) is open to The University of Aberdeen, RGU, SRUC and NESCol.

Over the 2 month programme, participants will develop their own business idea, with support and guidance from Elevator’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Take the opportunity to invest in your future this Summer! 

Applications are currently being assessed so submit now! 

If no please proceed to submit your application.