Bite-Size Business Series... Building a Team - Developing Inspirational Leadership

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Are you an entrepreneur with a hunger for growth but unsure about the responsibilities associated with building the right team around you? 

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A programme of four workshops designed to equip attendees with greater insight and focus on the key leadership skills required by entrepreneurs when growing their team.  

The sessions are workshop based, with content designed to challenge entrepreneurs to be innovative in their thinking and self-reflective in what type of leaders they are.

The series will equip entrepreneurs with the skills to identify what competencies are required in a growing business, how to recruit these positions and how to develop a culture that enables the organisation to grow and prosper. 

The programme will also include one-to-one coaching sessions with the Programme Facilitator, Fraser Maitland. These allow for a more tailored and detailed exploration of individual issues and the development of action plans. 

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Growth Mindset & Inspiration 
3rd Nov 2022 – 10.00 til 12.30

We kick off this programme by exploring the mindset required to lead and inspire a team, the session discusses the benefits of the growth mindset. We will equip you with tools and techniques you can apply to build your own leadership confidence, whilst also inspiring those joining you on the journey. 

Leadership Styles & Company Values Creation
17th Nov 2022 – 09.30 til 12.00 

In a world where employees are increasingly aware of the type of organisations they want to work for, and how they expect to be managed and inspired, it’s important to recognise your leadership style and how best to motivate those you manage. We’ll work on building your company values, which will assist you in the creation of your organisation's culture. 

Team Structure and Recruitment & Selection 
1st Dec 2022 – 10.30 til 13.00

Having clear roles and responsibilities and aligning the recruitment and selection process to your company values is critical to getting the right people around you. In this session, we’ll explore the recruitment process, and things to think about when selecting and interviewing candidates to join your organisation. 

Managing High Performing Teams 
15th December 2022 – 09.30 til 11.30 

Getting good talent is a challenge, keeping that talent motivated and driven to keep innovating and delivering for your customers is crucial to your growth. In this session, we’ll combine all the learnings to date and build techniques and strategies you can apply to empower and inspire your most vital resource. 

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  • An existing business – must be based in North or South Lanarkshire and aspire for growth!
  • Bags of enthusiasm and drive – you love a challenge and aspire to drive your business further
  • Commitment – you'll get the most from the sessions by being present and engaged

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  • A supportive, collaborative environment – you'll work closely with the Programme Facilitator, Fraser Maitland
  • Access to one-to-one coaching – the programme includes coaching sessions tailored to your business and growth objectives
  • An opportunity to network - make connections with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs!


Should you wish to discuss this programme in more detail, please email Fraser Maitland at for further information, or apply now by clicking the button below!

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Bite-Size Business Series

UWS Lanarkshire Campus, Stephenson Place, Hamilton International Technology Park, South Lanarkshire, G72 0LH

3rd Nov - 15th Dec (every 2nd Thurs)

Interactive in-person workshops

Free to Lanarkshire-based businesses

The programme will also include one-to-one coaching sessions with the programme facilitator

Delivered by experienced Business Mentor & Leadership Coach

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