Bite-Size Business Series... Nurturing YOUR Business, Starts with Nurturing YOU

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  • Have you got a healthy and growing business?

  • Would you like to grow and develop it further?

  • But, do you lack time to focus on your own health and well-being? 

If the answer is YES, this short programme will help you level up both your health and well-being and your business's growth and success. 

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The health capital of the business founder is the most important asset of any business, yet it is often overlooked. This programme of 5 workshops is designed to provide Founders and Business Owners with practical tools that can be used to improve overall health and well-being and in turn business growth and success.  

The Bite-Size Business Series will bring together personal development, health and self-care specialists for a short programme on how to keep yourself mentally and physically strong and healthy. The outcome? You will be armed and ready to bring your best self to your business and be in the correct mind frame to achieve your business goals and ambitions.   

All sessions will be interactive, energised and positive! These are not your regular workshops – anything is possible! The programme will provide practical tools that founders can integrate into their lives and businesses.    

The programme is aimed at Tayside-based scale-up and growing businesses, and start-up businesses in the manufacturing, life sciences, tourism, energy and digital sectors. Is this you? 

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Healthy Body, Healthy Business

Delivered by Health Coach, Shelley Booth
27th Oct 2022 – 10.00 til 12.30 

This session will take a holistic approach for business founders to feel ready for their next move. To make this happen, we must bring the required energy, mindset and enthusiasm to the table, but how can we do this if our health is not optimal? Falling short on our own personal health journeys ultimately leads us to fall short on our professional priorities, and our business and plans inevitably will suffer as a result. 

Quietening your Inner Critic 

Delivered by Mindshop Expert Coach, Susan Godman
3rd Nov 2022 – 10.00 til 12.30 

During challenging times, it is still possible to consciously change how we think about ourselves. To positively move forward in life, we must reframe unhelpful beliefs and build confidence to achieve our goals. Take a deeper dive and make the workshop more personal and bespoke to you, by gaining techniques to weaken your saboteurs and fully understand them. 

Personal Values  

Delivered by Mindshop Expert Coach, Susan Godman
10th Nov 2022 – 10.00 til 12.30 

Personal values help guide us in our everyday decision-making, and they are critical to well-being and having direction in life. In this session, we’ll help you identify your own values, develop a deeper understanding of them, and reflect on how your values define who you are.  

Beat the Burnout 

Delivered by Mindfulness Trainer, Kelly Laing
17th Nov 2022 – 10.00 til 12.30 

For most professionals, the feeling of burnout can be quite familiar, but does it have to be that way? This workshop introduces you to the world of mindful activity and how this can be of huge benefit in your work and personal life. We explore how we can use mindfulness to help combat stress, be more present and why a mind-body connection is so important. This session is filled full of mindful activities and practices for you to experience. 

Time for Action 

Delivered by Mindshop Expert Coach, Susan Godman
24th Nov 2022 – 10.00 til 12.30 

The importance of time management in achieving personal success cannot be overemphasised. In this workshop, you’ll receive time management techniques to enable you to effectively and efficiently plan your time – and life. Channel your energy and efforts into achieving goals and make time for some well-earned fun and rest along the way. 

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  • An existing business – must be based in Tayside (Dundee, Angus, Perth & Kinross) and aspire for growth! 
  • Start-up Businesses - in the manufacturing, life sciences, tourism, energy and digital sectors
  • Bags of enthusiasm and drive – you love a challenge and aspire to drive your business further
  • Commitment – you'll get the most from the sessions by being present and engaged

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  • A supportive, collaborative environment – you'll work closely with the Programme Manager, Cat Ward
  • Access to guest speakers – the programme will welcome experienced coaches for you to learn from and apply knowledge to help grow and develop your business 
  • An opportunity to network - make connections with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs!


Should you wish to discuss this programme in more detail, please email Cat Ward at for further information, or register your interest today by clicking the button below!

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Bite-Size Business Series

Centre for Entrepreneurship, Unit A, 75 Old Hawkhill, University of Dundee

27th Oct – 24th November (Every Thursday)

Interactive in-person workshops

Free to Tayside-based businesses

A supportive, collaborative environment – you'll work closely with the Programme Manager, Cat Ward

Access to personal development, heath and self-care specialists for you to learn from and apply knowledge to help grow and develop your business

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