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Are you an existing business owner or director with a desire to grow and scale your organisation?

Would you like to unlock new opportunities through innovation?

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A fully-funded programme of five workshops designed to equip you with the tools to discover and develop the hidden potential for new product, service or process innovation within your teams.

The sessions are workshop based, with content designed to challenge organisations to be innovative in their thinking and to define, discover, develop, and deliver new or improved products and services for new and existing customers.

The programme will also include one-to-one coaching sessions with the programme facilitator, Fraser Maitland. The one-to-one sessions will be tailored to your business and will allow for a more detailed exploration of individual issues and the development of action plans.

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  • Lanarkshire - based businesses
  • Existing business owners or directors with a desire to scale your organisation from within
  • SMEs ready to develop new products or services or improve processes within your business

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  • Worth £2,000.00 per person - this programme is fully - funded by North and South Lanarkshire Councils
  • You’ll gain tools and knowledge for product development and process improvement
  • 1-2-1 business coaching sessions with Programme Facilitator, Fraser Maitland
  • Meet and connect with a like-minded cohort

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Growth Mindset & Ideation
Facilitator – Fraser Maitland
16th February 2023 – 10 am - 2pm

The first session in the programme focuses on building the correct environment to develop a growth mindset. In this session, we’ll explore how to unlock the potential of a positive mindset, and address some of the elements of change required to engage it. In the second half of the session, we’ll introduce you to tools and techniques for idea creation, that will allow you to explore new products or services or indeed improve existing.  

Design Thinking and MVP (minimum viable product)
Facilitator – Fraser Maitland
23rd February 2023 – 10am - 2pm

In this session, we’ll explore the process of ‘design thinking’ and the application of these techniques and tools in your business. In recent years there has been significant growth of interest in applying design thinking across a range of diverse applications and industries—for example as a catalyst for gaining competitive advantage within businesses or for improving educational and training outcomes. No longer just the domain of the creatives in your organisation, these tools can be useful across all areas of your operation.

Business Modelling & Value Proposition
Facilitator – Fraser Maitland
9th March 2023 – 10am - 2pm

This session will introduce you to the tools required to model your business, think of it like a ‘sandbox’, where you can stress test new ideas and ways of delivering value to your existing customers. We’ll explore in detail what ‘value, you can deliver for your customers, and what opportunities lie within your value proposition.

Customer & Market Validation
Facilitator – Fraser Maitland
16th March 2023 – 10am - 2pm

With new ideas and potential new markets, it's important to ensure there is a need and that your solution meets that need. In this session, we’ll explore the process of market validation and how you can get feedback loops from your potential customers to fine-tune and revise your offering to best suit the market.


Marketing & Promotion
Facilitator – Fraser Maitland
23rd March 2023 – 10am - 2pm

So you’ve developed the idea and innovation, we’ve explored how to turn that to an opportunity and you’ve even tested the idea with potential customers, so now we take a look at the myriad of channels and possibilities to tell the world about it and get it in front of the customers. In this session, we’ll explore what channels and methods are best suited for your business and outline plans of how to implement them.


Should you wish to discuss this programme in more detail, please email Fraser Maitland at fraser@elevatoruk.com for further information, or apply now by clicking the button below!

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