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The purpose of FEH is to support the regeneration of our town and its surrounding communities by helping people to start and grow their own business. We do this because new and growing businesses diversify our economy, they create wealth and generate jobs.

The first of its kind, the Fraserburgh Enterprise Hub Accelerator will be the next evolution in business support in our area.

This pilot programme – set to run in summer 2021 – will bring together the components from Elevator’s highly regarded suite of Accelerators to specifically focus on the needs of Fraserburgh and our local businesses.  

Open to applicants in the FEH area or 15-mile radius of Fraserburgh, the Accelerator will introduce participants to:

  • exciting, innovative and interesting content relevant to our area
  • experienced speakers and facilitators
  • real-life business owners
  • interactive workshops
  • 1:1 support

Successful applicants will have access to skills, knowledge, networks and advice to enhance their business.

Delivered virtually, this is the ideal platform for new businesses, individuals who are developing an idea or product, or those wishing to invest time and energy in refreshing and invigorating their business. 

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