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Free help, advice and support to deliver sustainable growth and to inspire and bolster Glasgow’s SME community.

Elevator plays a key role in supporting Glasgow City Council to deliver its Business Growth Programme.

Launched in 2020 to help drive sustainable growth across the entire business lifecycle of Glasgow’s SMEs, the aim of the programme is to create a truly connected and collaborative network of specialist advice and expertise to develop and deliver an unrivalled level of support for sustainable growth across the business community.

Within the Glasgow Business Growth Programme - together with a collective including Business Gateway Glasgow and Targeting Innovation - we work with growing businesses to deliver a range of business structuring and advice to inspire, support and bolster Glasgow’s SME community.

We provide a range of support across Leadership, Skills & ResourcesBusiness Financial ManagementDesign ThinkingBusiness InnovationInternationalisationDigital Development & Innovation and Business Resilience

Growing businesses will receive support based on their needs and their commitment to inclusive economic growth.

Find out more about our areas of support below. To apply for support, please contact us and one of our team will be glad to help.





Elevator is the largest provider of Business Gateway services in Scotland, working across three of the country’s seven cities - Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.


Our Business Gateway Aberdeen City & Shire team provides practical help, advice and support for both new and growing businesses which is accessible at no cost to Scottish businesses.



Starting a business? Our team is on hand to support businesses of all sizes from smaller lifestyle through to high growth, and any size in between. We offer a complete suite of services to suit your needs from funding to planning your first year, taking on staff, developing your marketing and running your business.


Your dedicated business adviser will support you through the journey, helping you tap into detailed workshops dedicated to the start-up journey. You will be introduced to networking opportunities to engage with likeminded business professionals and prospective clients. Coupled with our support we can point you in the direction of professional partners within our ecosystem to help with other start-up steps including opening a business bank account, setting up an accounting system or ensuring that you are aware of the legalities of your business.


Existing Businesses

We offer a plethora of support to those running businesses, whether you have been trading for one-year or more, operate as family business, a SME or a multinational organisation. Tailored areas of support include:


  • Expanding and growing your business
  • Diversifying your business into a new market, new products or services
  • Moving your business into the digital world
  • Developing new innovative products or services
  • Internationalisation
  • Expanding your workforce
  • Funding routes
  • Overcoming unexpected challenges


Digital Support

With an ever-changing landscape for purchasing and delivering goods and services it is imperative that businesses understand the digital space. From tailored 1-2-1 advice, digital themed webinars, e-commerce and SEO specialists know-how to dedicated digital business support delivered via DigitalBoost the Scottish Government’s leading digital skills programme for businesses, our team is on hand to help strongly position your business in the digital sphere.

Whatever your business need, our experienced and dedicated advisory team is on hand to support you. Covering all areas of Aberdeen City & Shire, with a variety of skills, knowledge and expertise. For further information contact a member of our team on 01224 289725 or email


Leadership, Skills & Resources
We have long understood that the single biggest factor that affects the success or otherwise of a business is the leadership and management of that business.
Business Financial Management
We know that for Glasgow's economic prospects to flourish, its SMEs must be empowered to grow.
Design Thinking
Taking a human centered approach to businesses enables business owners to understand and create solutions from their client’s perspective, putting human needs at the centre of what they do.
Business Innovation
Business innovation: new ideas, new process, new services and new and improved products all with one common goal - to boost the bottom line.
We know international trade can contribute hugely to your business’s increased productivity.
Digital Development and Innovation
The digital sector is one which accelerates at great speed. 
Business Resilience
Business resilience is a topic which involves diving into the darker depths of risk.
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