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Free help, advice and support to deliver sustainable growth and improve Glasgow's business start-up and survival rates

In 2020, Elevator was appointed as the largest supplier in Glasgow City Council’s Business Growth Programme.

Launched to help drive sustainable growth across the entire business lifecycle of Glasgow’s SMEs, the aim of the programme is to develop co-ordinated growth agenda for Glasgow that will help achieve its ambition of becoming the most productive UK city economy by 2023.

Within the Glasgow Business Growth Programme Framework - together with a collective including Business Gateway Glasgow and Targeting Innovation - we work with growing businesses to deliver a range of business structuring and advice to inspire, support and bolster Glasgow’s SME community.

Find out more about our areas of support below. To apply for support, please contact us and one of our team will be glad to help.

Leadership, Skills & Resources
We have long understood that the single biggest factor that affects the success or otherwise of a business is the leadership and management of that business.
Business Financial Management
We know that for Glasgow's economic prospects to flourish, its SMEs must be empowered to grow.
Design Thinking
Taking a human centered approach to businesses enables business owners to understand and create solutions from their client’s perspective, putting human needs at the centre of what they do.
Business Innovation
Business innovation: new ideas, new process, new services and new and improved products all with one common goal - to boost the bottom line.
We know international trade can contribute hugely to your business’s increased productivity.
Digital Development and Innovation
The digital sector is one which accelerates at great speed. 
Business Resilience
Business resilience is a topic which involves diving into the darker depths of risk.