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We know that for Glasgow's economic prospects to flourish, its SMEs must be empowered to grow. Elevator’s niche is that we take the fear out of numbers, simplifying complex financial language to provide you with the necessary tools to achieve financial and company growth objectives.   

Working in tandem with our experienced partners, we have extensive experience in educating companies - of all sizes - on the importance of maintaining and using financial information from the outset. We know the enormous benefits working on your finances can bring and will provide you with the tools to help achieve your financial and growth goals.  

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Financial Management
Many SME business owners are very skilled at what they do but when it comes to matters such as Financial Management, they can struggle to find time to devote to these areas. 
Financial Readiness
The most successful businesses are able to change, adapt and take action when circumstances change, the business budgets and forecasts must be able to do the same.
Preparing for Investment
An entrepreneur’s credibility is vital when preparing for investment.
Alternative Finance
Most SMEs will have heard of crowd funding, perhaps less so invoice trading and peer to peer lending, but they may not be aware of how it can work for their growing business.   
Company Valuation
Mergers, acquisitions, selling the business, acquiring or offering more equity; all of these are complex areas in which entrepreneurs must take professional advice in order to make the most effective decisions. 
At every stage in a business’s life cycle taxation issues need to be addressed.