Business Resilience

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Business resilience is a topic which involves diving into the darker depths of risk.

As specialists in this field, Elevator understands that as companies climb the growth curve, risk levels increase. To move forward successfully these risks need to be flushed out, understood and extinguished.  

Our team and is well equipped to provide advice and guidance to organisations on the importance of business resilience. We will provide key individuals with the knowledge and tools to implement strategies and action plans to quickly adapt to disruptions – out of their normal activities, while maintaining continuous business operations.  In addition, we will deliver training courses via a variety of methods to raise awareness of risk mitigation and risk prioritisation .  

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Business Continuity
We will carry out a bespoke impact analysis of your organisation to identify key business operations across all divisions and establish risk ratings, including - but not limited to, personnel, locations, internal and external stakeholders, business strengths and vulnerabilities.  
Risk Management
Risk is analysed and grouped into Environmental, Political, External, Strategic, Operational, Legal and Financial.