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The digital sector is one which accelerates at great speed.

 At Elevator we know the importance of having your fingers on the pulse of all the latest trends and technological innovations. Not only that, we know it is vital that businesses are not hindered by a lack of understanding when it comes to driving digital development and innovation within their companies.  

We will utilise our service, scoping and planning methodology approach to research, identify and propose ways to deliver solutions for the challenges you face.   

Our assembled group already has a solid relationship with Glasgow’s business community and provides us with a strong business connection with the city including experience of having supported thousands of SMEs already with their Digital start up and growth solutions. Companies and individuals included in our consultancy group include Graeme Kerr Consulting, Taylor Communications, Framewire, NS Design, Postable, Aillum, RGB Agency, Orthic, The Business Trinity, Campbell Dallas, Limetree, Mary Ballantyne and Dentons.

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Digital Marketing
Our expertise covers the Reach, Act, Convert and Engage model which individualises the relevant approach to digital marketing and social media planning. 
Our team’s expertise in website planning, development and implementation is extensive.
eCommerce Support
For companies looking to establish new markets or grow nationally or globally, e-commerce is a vital consideration.
Mobile Technologies
We have expertise in the application of mobile technologies applied to market sectors like Financial Services, Health, Space, Tourism, Transport etc.
Data Analytics
Data is the new oil. Not only do businesses need the ability to be able to capture data, they also need the ability to refine it and understand it and modify their business behaviour.
Technology Solutions & Connectivity
Our team have a long successful history on all stages of implementing IT and Communications infrastructure & software solutions.