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The ‘Spirit of Enterprise’ Award 

sponsored by The Prince's Trust: 

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Starting any business is not an easy task, but for some getting to the start line and keeping a business going is an enormous undertaking.

This award gives special recognition to an individual, group or organisation which has had to overcome significant personal, economical, physical or business challenges to establish their business.

These individuals embody the ‘spirit of enterprise’ and this award recognises exceptional resilience despite the challenges faced.


1. Individual or business summary: please tell us more about the individual, group or organisation up for this award.

(Word Count, 500 words)

Consider the following points in your answer:

  • What circumstances led to the start of the business?
  • What is the background of the owner or owners of the business?
  • What does the business do?
  • How is the business progressing?


2. Challenges and achievements: why should this individual, group, or organisation win this award?

(Word Count, 1000 words)

The Challenges

  • Every new business is faced with challenges when starting up. What has this individual/group/organisation had to deal with, which makes their journey more difficult than most?
  • How has this individual dealt with the difficulties encountered?
  • What help have they resourced to establish the business?

Achievement of Success

  • What success has been achieved, no matter how small, that point to the tenacity and perseverance of the business owner?
  • How are they dealing with the important aspects of the business, being innovative, focused on customer service, understanding the needs of their customers etc.
  • Are customers happy and satisfied?

The Entrepreneur

  • Please tell us more about the experience encountered by the business owner when starting this business.
  • What has it meant to the person, how have they adapted to the cut and thrust of business?
  • Has the experience changed them as a person, in any way?
  • How have their achievements impacted on others?
  • Have they been inspirational or a role model to others?