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"Put yourself back in the shoes of when you first started. You wouldn't feel ultra comfortable, it's about being real."

A local chef with big ideas, Craig’s work has taken him far and wide.

From Sir Sean Connery, Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Patrick Stewart, he has been honoured to cook for many high profile celebrities and, in 2014, Craig was selected by VisitScotland to travel to New York as an ambassador for Scotland’s food and drink, as part of Scotland Week.

Owner of award-wining restaurant Eat On The Green, Craig believes Scotland has some of the best things in our larder. 

In our 12½ minutes he spoke with Andy Campbell, Elevator Commercial Director, about:

1: his ambition for driving forward through his career, and COVID   

2: the benefits for cross-sector working,    

3: his passion for Scottish produce and using our countries brightest ingredients,  

And much more… 

Catch-up with our interview below.