12 v5.5 Minutes EtienneKubwabo 111
“There is nothing you can’t achieve if you put your mind to it. People told me I couldn’t make a film – I am very stubborn so I wanted to show them I could do it.”

Etienne Kubwabo

Etienne Kubwabo is the mastermind behind Scotland's first Black superhero. Based in Glasgow, his comic - Beats of War, has been inspired from Etienne's own experiences of coming to Scotland as a refugee and looks at the barriers faced by people who immigrate to a new country. 

In our 12½ minutes he spoke with Andy Campbell, Elevator Commercial Director, about:

1. his experience when he first arrived in Scotland and fell in love with the country,

2. his interest in storytelling and what inspired him shoot music videos,

3. his new graphic novel, Beats of War,

And much more...

Catch-up with our interview below.