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"I stood on the shoulders of some great women who came before me and I'd like to think that there are women today who are standing on my shoulders. Leadership is generational, what you do now - good or bad - impacts the future."

Yvette Hopkins Executive at Shetland Space Centre

We spoke with Yvette Hopkins, Executive of the Shetland Space Centre, GlobalScot and US Army Veteran.

Yvette has lived and worked in over 30 communities across the globe and has a vast array of experience leading national and international organisations, teams and operations. Most recently, she was Directing Intelligence Operations for US Special Forces. 

She then joined Shetland Space Centre in 2018 and is part of the team on a mission to build and operate a satellite launch site and a ground station in Unst, Shetland. A major project for the space industry and the local economy.

In this episode, Yvette tells us about:

1. Her varied career in US military intelligence.

2. Why a global outlook is important.

3. Why leadership is generational and collaborative.

And much more… 

Catch-up with our interview below.