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General Procurement

Elevator delivers a variety of services, programmes and activities within both public and private sectors.  Should you be interested in general opportunities to work with us as a supplier, use the following link to register your details with us and we will be in contact with you as and when these opportunities arise.

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When we receive your application, we will consider it in light of the requirements of each particular contract and alignment with Elevator’s own values. We will utilise a weighted scoring system in order to assess your application against three aspects:

  1. Community: We recognise the importance of providing opportunities to local suppliers and where possible we expect to utilise our local supply chains. We will want to understand the role that you play within your local community including your willingness to support Elevator on any future paid for or voluntary community initiatives such as mentoring new entrepreneurs.
  2. Quality: It’s essential that we work with organisations that share our passion to deliver first class support to Scotland’s entrepreneurial business base. We will be looking for reassurances that you deliver a high quality service that is supported by positive client feedback. We will be looking to how relevant your services are to the requirements of each individual contract. We will be looking for confirmation that you hold appropriate legal requirements for delivering your services including insurances.
  3. Price: We deliver contracts that operate within fixed budget parameters. This will mean that for certain contracts, we will only select suppliers that can operate within these parameters. We will provide you with guidance as to the budget levels associated with these services.

We will be in contact with you within 7 working days in order to inform you of the outcome of your application. Should you have further questions, please contact us on

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