E3 - Community Centric Business Support

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Welcome to E3 - a large-scale business support intervention based in challenging socio-economic regions. It unlocks a total shift in how these audiences are reached, how they are supported, a shift in mindset and provides a bridge to the ‘start line’ for those that didn't even know they were capable of attempting a journey.

E3 offers transformational business support via a community driven ‘encouragement based demand’ model of outreach and engagement. E3 hubs act as pillars of community wealth building, enabling locals in challenge-based communities who need prestart or early-stage business help to connect with experts within a national ecosystem.

To find out more about E3 and discover the incredible work that has been happing in our Local Enterprise Hubs - North and South Lanarkshire, Dundee City and Aberdeenshire - visit www.e3hub.org now.

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