Senior Management

Professor Gary McEwan


  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Started his first business selling Bumble Bees at age 5
  • Driven to ignite Elevator’s entrepreneurial mindset across Scotland  

Susan Dowds

Finance Director

  • Self-confessed Excel buff
  • Natural flair for making numbers crunch
  • Lover of languages, fluent in Spanish and Catalan

Andrew Burnett

Managing Director

  • Process driven who always has a plan A, B and C
  • Joined Elevator’s graduate programme before climbing the ranks
  • Responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly

Karen Pugh

Property Director

  • Straight talking perfectionist
  • Started her career as receptionist in the company’s first portacabin
  • Friday night gin aficionado

Rachel Ross

Strengthening Communities Director

  • Self-confessed ‘rural geek’
  • Experienced in navigating the challenges presented with running businesses in rural locations
  • Owns a secret HGV license – great for emergencies

Roz Taylor

Operations Director

  • Climbed the Business Gateway ladder, knows it top to bottom
  • Works in tandem with our team to deliver tangible results
  • Notorious chatterbox

Graham Morgan

Non-Executive Director

  • Spent three years working with local communities in Rwanda
  • Entrepreneurial knowledge is second to none
  • ‘Retired’, but can be regularly found in the Elevator biscuit tin


Nicki Mearns

Operations Manager – Tayside

  • Enthusiastic about learning, believer that every day is a school day
  • Strives to help people make a positive difference in their lives
  • Avid traveller and is campaigning for a New York office

Fiona McLellan

Contracts Manager - Tayside

  • Strategic leader driving high performing teams
  • A positive disruptor passionate about business
  • Has a secret stash of amazing fabrics

Kirstie McLaughlin

Operations Manager – Aberdeen City & shire

  • Practical thinker and always on the look out for opportunities
  • Believes in being transparent and empowering her teams 
  • Movie nerd and self-proclaimed closet gamer 

Karen Clark

Programme & Events Operations Manager

  • Professional brainstormer and Mocha enthusiast
  • Passionate about transforming people’s lives
  • Outdoorsy lover; the perfect leader for our Challenge weekend

Cat Ward

Programme Manager – Tayside

  • Always full of ideas and driven to make a difference
  • Football and Flamenco fanatic
  • Enjoys life in her cottage by the sea with her husband and cat