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Are you ready to make an IMPACT!? 

  • Do you want to align your business goals with your core values?

  • Would you like to learn how to maximise your business’s growth while remaining ethically and environmentally responsible?

  • Is creating a company culture where your employees feel positive, motivated and valued important to you?

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79% of business leaders believe that Purpose is now central to success (Pricewaterhouse Coopers, August 2022). 

Purpose-Driven Business is a rapidly growing movement which many believe lies at the heart of our future economy, society, and planet. Across Scotland businesses are reorienting around aims of doing good in the world and making a difference to society. Weaving the aims of benefitting people and the planet into the very DNA of their purpose and the way they lead.

Elevator has drawn together the very best of practices from across the globe, and our expert team of specialist facilitators will help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to grow your business in purposeful, impactful, responsible, and sustainable ways.

We’ll be delivering this unique programme to three cohorts in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

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According to the Scottish Government commissioned report “Now is the time for Purpose”: 

  • 67% of people will pay more for Purpose driven products and services 
  • 73% of businesses say a well-defined Purpose helps navigate disruption 
  • Long-term evidence shows that a focus on Purpose increases businesses bottom line
  • Purposeful businesses are forecast to achieve 10% higher growth than other businesses 

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  • Purpose-Driven Strategies: Learn how to develop a business strategy that aligns with your purpose, values, and goals. Enabling you to better attract and retain customers who share your values, vision and mission. 
  • Human Centric Leadership: Building trust for future growth through Human Centric Leadership style. Shape the purpose-led leadership of your business and your teams, internally and externally. 
  • Environmental Impact: Discover strategies and resources for reducing environmental impact and transitioning towards a net-zero carbon footprint. 
  • Tools for Effective Company Cultures:  Learn techniques to foster a positive work culture where employees feel valued and innovation is encouraged, leading to better adaptability and productivity.  
  • Regenerative & Ethical Marketing: Optimise key marketing levers in ethical ways, empowering your business to communicate sustainability initiatives and values to stakeholders effectively.  
  • Scaling with Purpose: By combining the secrets of scale taught to high-growth startups with the impact of purpose-driven leadership, we’ll equip you to generate new ideas and alternative options for scaling your business. 

...don't miss this opportunity to join other like-minded businesses on a journey towards a purposeful, responsible, and sustainable future. 

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Deadline for registration: Extended to Wednesday 7th February at 5:00pm!


Tuesday, February 13th (Edinburgh cohort) 
Wednesday, February 14th  (Glasgow cohort) 
Thursday, February 15th (Dundee cohort) 

Learning sessions:

February 21st, 22nd & 23rd (Edinburgh cohort) 
February 27th, 28th & 29th (Glasgow cohort)  
March 6th, 7th & 8th (Dundee cohort) 

Networking sessions:

March 12th (Edinburgh cohort) 
March 13th (Glasgow cohort) 
March 14th (Dundee cohort) 

Plus online sessions and a whole-cohort networking session – dates TBC. 

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  • An existing business – whatever stage it's at. 
  • Enthusiasm and drive – to acquire the tools and knowledge to scale your businesses. 
  • A desire to create impact with purpose – We’ll provide the rest, including refreshments and takeaway tools. 
  • Commitment – to attend the full programme of sessions and events to gain the best out of it.  

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  • No nonsense approaches – We’ll help you explore and develop approaches which take into consideration the real-world challenges you face. 
  • Efficient learning - Learn and apply concepts of Purpose Driven Business to your own business during our workshops. Making efficient and effective use of your precious time. 
  • An opportunity to network – Developing relationships with other like-minded purpose driven professionals and entrepreneurs. 
  • A supportive, collaborative environment – many of the challenges that Purpose-Driven business seeks to solve will only be solved through collaboration. This programme will help you explore and amplify the power of that collaboration.  

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The IMPACT! Programme is proudly supported by the Scottish Ecosystem Fund 2023-24.

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IMPACT! Programme - Edinburgh - Glasgow - Dundee

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