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This is Where Your Entrepreneurial Journey Begins...

  • Are you a woman with a passion or idea that you've been dreaming about turning into a business?

  • Ever thought about connecting with a community of like-minded women, sharing experiences, and building lasting connections?

  • Curious about unlocking your potential and taking part in a 6-week programme designed just for you?

  • Are you based in either Moray, Angus or South Glasgow?

Here at Elevator, we believe in fostering a community where women can dream big, support each other, and turn their business aspirations into reality. E3f is our fully-funded commitment to empowering women across Scotland, providing a platform for growth, connection, and success.

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At E3f, we're dedicated to empowering women in Scotland to take charge of their business journey. Our Community Outreach Project is a unique initiative designed to provide tailored support to women from various communities – whether you're in a rural area, facing socio-economic challenges, or representing diverse communities, this is for you!

We are here to help you; whether you already have a business idea, perhaps you are sure you want to start a business and have no idea, or maybe you are just interested in being a business owner and growing those skills and understanding.

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  • Connect: Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded women, share experiences, and build lasting connections.
  • Learn: Participate in interactive workshops, designed to enhance your skills, boost confidence, and equip you for success.
  • Grow: Take part in our 6-week programme, tailor-made to nurture your ideas and transform them into tangible achievements.

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E3f is for every woman who:

  • Has a spark of a business idea and wants to bring it to life.
  • Desires to connect with other inspiring women in her community.
  • Is ready to explore her potential and embark on a transformative journey.
  • Is based in either Moray, Angus or South Glasgow

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E3f is more than a programme; it's an empowering journey designed to unlock your potential, connect you with a supportive community, and guide you through a transformative experience. Here's what you can expect when you become a part of E3f:

  • Connect with a Vibrant Community: Immerse yourself in a community of inspiring women with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and dreams. E3f is a platform where connections are formed, friendships are nurtured, and collaborations thrive. Join us and be a part of a network that understands and supports your journey.
  • Interactive Workshops for Skill Enhancement: Participate in engaging workshops tailored to enhance your skills and boost your confidence. From idea generation to practical skill-building, our interactive sessions are crafted to cater to your unique needs. E3f is not just about learning; it's about gaining practical insights that propel you towards success.
  • Tailored 6-Week Program for Personalised Growth: Our unique 6-week programme is designed with you in mind. Tailored to nurture your ideas and ambitions, the programme takes you on a guided journey of self-discovery and skill development. E3f provides the structure you need to turn your aspirations into tangible achievements.
  • Building Lasting Connections: Connect with like-minded women, share stories, and build lasting connections. E3f is a space where camaraderie and collaboration flourish. As you progress through the programme, you'll find the support you need to overcome challenges and celebrate successes together.
  • Digital Platform for Ongoing Support: Experience the power of our digital platform that extends beyond the program's duration. Join a space where you can nurture and consolidate connections, access resources, and continue your journey with the support of the ElevateHER community. It's your key point of contact for ongoing engagement and growth.


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Registration for these programmes is now closed.

For more information and to speak with one of our team, please email: accelerator@elevatoruk.com


The E3f Programme is funded by the Scottish Government

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