Do you live or work in/around Fraserburgh?

Are you thinking about becoming your own boss?

Perhaps you would just like to know more about working for yourself? 

Aberdeenshire Council are keen to get the views of people who live or work in the Fraserburgh area about issues that affect how easy/difficult it is to be your own boss and start up a business.

Proposed new development

The Town House Saltoun Chambers

The Town House/Saltoun Chambers and the former Police Station (both Category B listed) are fine buildings located in Fraserburgh town centre. Currently the Town House/Saltoun Chambers building is run down and spaces feel out of date and generally tired. The former Police Station is a sound building but currently boarded up and in a semi derelict condition which gives a very poor impression on Saltoun Square.

Repairs and upgrading the buildings for a viable use could make a significant contribution to the townscape and facilities offered in Fraserburgh town centre. Both buildings are now in the ownership of Aberdeenshire Council 

Aberdeenshire Council has been awarded funding at a first round to deliver a Townscape Heritage and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (TH/CARS) in Fraserburgh. The second round application is being developed and the Saltoun Chambers/Former Police Station project is a priority to be included in the second round application, which will be submitted in January 2016.  The TH/CARS is due to start in April 2016 and investment of £5 million is planned for conservation and restoration work in the new Fraserburgh Central Conservation Area over a five year period to March 2021.

Enterprise: Awareness Visibility & Penetration

A potential new use for the Saltoun Chambers/Former Police Station building is being investigated.

Initial proposals are to create a new facility to help people in Fraserburgh and the surrounding area to get started working for themselves.  This would take the form of an ‘Enterprise Hub’, with staff who can provide face-to face advice and guidance about working for yourself, together with a range of work stations, fast broadband, IT devices and other equipment. 

Would this kind of space make Fraserburgh a more can do place for business and raise the awareness, visibility and penetration of enterprise, entrepreneurship and innovation?

The project ambitions include:

  • Ensuring more people from all walks of life with the ambition and skills to create, lead and grow successful businesses in Fraserburgh; 
  • An increase in entrepreneurship and innovation activity from individuals and businesses in Fraserburgh, resulting in more businesses being formed and new products and services from existing businesses;
  • Instilling more of a climate of enterprise to drive the private, community/third and public sectors in Fraserburgh.

It’s an ambitious project and by completing the short survey, you will help to make the case.

Have your say! 

Interested in being your own boss? Give your views and play a part in the re-use of two prominent #Fraserburgh buildings:

This is a guest blog from Douglas Wheeler Associates on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council

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