Sign up to the tenner challenge and hone your skills. 

We are looking for some Scottish businesses representatives to assist Young Enterprise Scotland with their programme to help people learn about seed funding. Today we hear from Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland about how adults can get involved:

Today we hear from Geoff Leask, CEO of Young Enterprise Scotland about how adults can get involved:

Geoff LeaskEach year YES runs the Tenner Challenge for young people, and due to the success and key learnings from the project - we have launched an adult version. 

The Challenge is easy, take a £10 note and see how much you can generate from that seed capital in one month. 

Young people will be there to provide tips and guidance to help you along the way. Last year the young people averaged £156 profit from their £10, so you may want to listen to what they have to say...

The best team generated over £5,000: so there’s a real challenge if you want one.

This Challenge won’t just change the lives of young people, it can develop skills and display hidden talents for adults too.

Participants will get a chance to work as a team, build commercial skills, see the whole business process, develop creativity and demonstrate talents no-one knew existed. 
Ready to sign up? 
Just sign up here at this link  Tenner Challenge for Adults  and hit Subscribe! 
We’ll send you a start-up pack with how to register for the Tenner Challenge, as well as ideas to get you started, inspired and motivated, straight from the experts, our students. Come up with that killer idea: whether a cake sale, a car wash or a creative idea never seen before – it’s up to you.  

  • You sign up in a team or brave it on your own
  • Every person contributes £10 as seed money
  • During March you develop and market your business idea
  • You make oodles of money
  • That money will go towards helping young people to succeed in life
  • Your get a warm fuzzy feeling!

Please share this with your network or get registered here today and help more young people to be inspired and equipped to learn and succeed through enterprise by raising money for Young Enterprise Scotland whilst having a great time!

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