Fresh from Cohort 2, Mhairi Towler of multi award winning science animation company Vivomotion shares her advice for anyone looking to apply to the Famous Grouse Accelerator powered by Elevator.

Get excited about developing your business

Before I started the accelerator, I wanted to re-ignite the passion I had for my business when I launched it six years ago. Having been distracted by motherhood, I felt it was time to devote some time back into developing Vivomotion. I also had an idea for a new revenue stream that I wanted to investigate. I have learned in business that you have to keep developing new ideas and what you started the business to do is not always what you end up doing. 

I also thought that taking part in the accelerator would be a great learning opportunity as I had heard from past participants that they got to speak to a lot of experts and that they also learned a great deal from the other founders on the programme.

Take time to reflect - then act!

Since taking part in the programme I haven’t had much time to implement what we learned as Christmas came along. It is only now that I am finding time to review the course material and decide on next steps as a result of what we learned. Part of what I wanted out of the programme was to move my training courses online. I have now put together a production schedule for that so watch this space… 

Choose your focus

Decide at the beginning what aspect of your business you want to focus on, whether it’s the business as a whole or a specific part of it. That will help you get the most out of the programme when deciding which mentors to speak with. There is something for everyone in this programme whether you are starting up or already in business. Two days a week for 12 weeks seems like a lot of time to sacrifice, but believe me once you get into it, it will flash by very quickly. It’s a great opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

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