It’s the time of the year when things get a little crazy here at Enterprise North East Trust HQ, in an incredibly exciting and positive way, as it’s the week where we officially launch the Grampian Awards for Business Excellence 2013.

The official launch of the Grampian Awards for Business Excellence



There are quite a few award ceremonies in Aberdeen during the summer months so many of you might wonder what sets the Grampian Awards apart from the rest...

The Grampian Awards of Business Excellence do exactly what they say on the tin. They reward enterprising organisations and professional individuals for activities, ideals and ideas that are extraordinary in their level of excellence in the Grampian area.


The awards themselves, much like the judges and applicants, are incredibly diverse and reward a number of qualities and business essences, with the core being Community, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise - we don’t just judge on the profitability of a company.

Award ceremonies of any kind can be a supreme branding exercise for an organisation, to raise awareness of how unique a company is, whether you own it, work for it, or even just admire it as a business. The Grampian Awards are a prime example of this. Through the run up to the awards, the shortlisting, and the awards night itself; there are endless opportunities for the finalists to shine. As part of the finalist process, the shortlisted businesses will have a professional video filmed which can be used as promotional tool following the awards, as well as being showcased to all the influential businesses attending the Awards ceremony.

It’s for this reason that we see a wide variety of applicants from small, medium and large businessesfrom totally different backgrounds, sectors and circumstances.

This year we are proud to present a new award in 2013 which really reflects the core values of what Enterprise North East Trust stands for; The 'Spirit of Enterprise' Award. This award commends professionals who have overcome some sort of obstacle to achieve success in their business. We still have our Entrepreneur of the Year and Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year awards, which scale individuals who have ‘been round the block a few times’ who are rewarded for their continued success in the business community, and those who are just beginning to really show success in their field as an entrepreneur.

With the current climate of employers seeking out the best employees as much as employees are proactively searching for jobs, what better title could you award to a business than Employer of the Year, which can be nominated by the business owners themselves or an employee. A shining beacon to hold over a competitor to ensure you have the best team. Happy teams are proactive hardworking teams after all.

Winner of Employer of the Year 2012 -Angels Hairdresser



The nomination, application and short listing processes are all very rewarding and exciting, but we haven’t even mentioned the fantastic awards ceremony evening yet. What could be a better networking opportunity than a room full of influential business people celebrating the success and excellence in our business community. 



grampian awards of business excellence 2013



The team here are really excited about applications beginning to flood in for the awards, so please click here if you would like to find out more about all of the award categories, and you can register here if you would like to nominate yourself, your own business or someone else!

On behalf of all of the team here at Enterprise North East Trust, and our brilliant sponsors, we would like to wish all applicants the very best of luck.

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