Elevator searches for 18 to 30s with entrepreneurial ambition to participate in seventh annual Challenge Weekend

Elevator works to kick-start and grow new businesses across Tayside and therefore we are on the hunt to find inspiring 18 to 30 year olds that have a glint of entrepreneurialism to participate in its annual outdoor Challenge Weekend.

Taking place from 16 - 18 June, at a remote outdoor adventure and training facility near Aberfoyle, the seventh Challenge Weekend is for anyone who has a business, a business idea, or who thinks that self-employment might be for them in the future.

Required to only bring an open mind with them, participants will get on-hand guidance, support and business advice from the expert teams at Elevator and Business Gateway.

Designed to push participants out of their comfort zone and get their minds geared towards finding creative solutions to their business problems, the weekend will be filled with a mix of business-based and outdoor activities. The weekend will also allow Tayside business innovators to network with their peers in a unique setting and develop professionally and personally.

Elevator aims to foster enterprising behaviour across Tayside and as part of its reinvestment strategy, spots on this year’s Challenge Weekend will be free for budding entrepreneurs.

Professor Gary McEwan, Chief Executive at Elevator, said: “The first Challenge Weekend of 2017 will definitely not be a walk in the park for participants but by bringing together like-minded people and putting them through an intense, action-packed weekend it’ll be interesting to see how they overcome their physical and business challenges.

“The weekend is about focusing on teamwork and individual achievement and past participants have demonstrated that there are real, tangible benefits from participating; so although those taking part in 2017 might feel a little drained after the weekend, it will all be worth it.”

There are 42 spots available on the Challenge Weekend and those looking to put themselves forward should get in touch with The Projects Team at Elevator on 07787 518 392 or email lynne@elevatoruk.com.


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