For those of you who we have not yet seen in 2016, we hope you all enjoyed the festive break and had a chance to recharge your batteries.

If you spent the festive season or some of 2015 mulling over a bright business idea you have developed, then perhaps this is the year that Elevator, Business Gateway, and Bright Ideas Scotland can help you turn that idea into a reality.

Help is available for you to identify what problem your idea solves, whether it is a commercial opportunity with an existing market and if the idea can be turned into a business - with three fantastic free workshops and one-to-one meeting opportunities in Aberdeen with the experienced team at Bright Ideas Scotland. 

pen idea bulb paper

Three workshops will take place in January, February and March. Bright Ideas Scotland encourage people with a viable idea to come along to all 3 workshops, but it is not mandatory to do so:

Workshop 1 (27th Jan) So you think you’ve got an idea?

This workshop will look at the idea itself, the problem it solves, and Intellectual Property (IP) issues relevant to inventors.

Workshop 2 (24th Feb): So you think you have a commercial opportunity? 

This workshop will look at the customer, the competition and the market approach.

Workshop 3 (17th Mar): So you think you can turn your idea into a business?

This workshop will look at resources, people (team), the pitch, and the process.

If you are interested in attending one or all of these valuable sessions to progress your bright ideas please follow the below to book your place for free, and to complete a small form with a bit more info about your idea. If you are protective of your idea and would like to discuss it privately with one of the Bright Ideas Scotland team, one-to-one meetings take place after each training session so you can ask any probing questions you might have. 


Best of luck to you and the development of your idea, wishing you prosperity in 2016 from all of the Elevator and Business Gateway Team! 

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