Our Business Spotlight feature this week, looks at an Aberdeen business that has taken a big leap in the new year, and aims to help its clients take their own leap toward their fitness and health goals.

Founder, Nikita Stewart launched her yoga business, The Om Existence on The 16th of January. Nikita now offers much more than just Yoga instruction, adding nutritional consultations and advice to her services. This, combined with her in-depth Yoga instruction can help people achieve the great benefits for their bodies and health. The Om Existence also works on Yoga for sports performance, meaning that Nikita can cater for almost anyone of any level of fitness.

Prior to starting her own business, Nikita worked in sales and marketing for a number of companies within the oil and gas and property sectors. However, it was an injury she suffered herself that would ultimately result in Nikita becoming her own boss:

“I tried Yoga following an accident that ruptured the stabilising ligaments in my right leg. It was Yoga that allowed me to recover and become even healthier and stronger than before, so it became something I really wanted to put out there and share with people.”

With health and fitness having always been something Nikita was passionate about, she became determined to eventually develop a career in the field. Through her new start-up business The Om Existence, Nikita loves being able to help others improve and transform themselves:

“I love teaching and sharing the improvements that can be made with Yoga and proper nutrition. The Om Existence seeks to improve performance, confidence, appearance, strength and flexibility in students, helping them improve themselves and transform their lives.”

However, Nikita recalls how there have been some more tricky aspects in realising her business dream:

“The biggest hurdle has been finding a suitable venue that gives the light and space we like to provide students with. Thankfully I have been successful so far in finding suitable venues.”

Working with Business Gateway, Nikita has enjoyed plenty of support, letting her avoid many of the bigger hurdles and issues that a small business may encounter:

“Business Gateway has provided me with essential advice in the launch of my business, and highlighted certain key aspects I had overlooked or dismissed. My adviser, Karen Stewart, was friendly, very helpful and someone who could provide practical advice and experiences, being a business owner herself. I look forward to working with Business Gateway as I now progress my business further.”

Nikita also holds big plans for the future of The Om Existence:

“In the long-term we will be looking to find a dedicated studio to provide students with our own brand of calm and sophisticated surroundings. This will also help me expand our timetable, our services and our client base.”

“I will also look to introduce new types of Yoga to the city and get more and more people interested in the balanced lifestyle Yoga embodies.”

On a final note, Nikita recalls how it hasn’t always been flexibility of the body she’s demonstrated, but sometimes flexibility in teaching too!

“There was one time I was meant to be doing a martial arts orientated class following a regular karate class… I went in thinking it was adults – but it was little kids!”

“I was so nervous, but once we got started I knew everything was going to be fine. The kids had a great time, and I scored a regular client!”

“It turns out I am good with kids… Who knew?”

The Om Existence
Nikita Stewart
0131 6187796

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