Gliding Towards Success - Hermione’s Edge Wear

Welcome our first business Spotlight of 2014!

In this week’s feature, we look at a unique local Perthshire business that has just made the leap in taking its products to the high street.

Hermione’s Edge Wear, founded and run by Rhoda Clark, creates bespoke clothing and accessories for figure skating, whether it is glitzy competition outfits, or the more fundamental every-day skating products.

Being a trained figure skater herself, Rhoda has the advantage of being able to offer products for skaters, made by a skater. As a result, Rhoda has been through the same experiences as her clients, helping her create and offer her durable, unique and affordable products, and ensure they are completely practical.

Prior to founding Hermione’s Edge Wear, Rhoda was employed within the catering industry. However, redundancy served as the motivation for Rhoda to return to the sport she loves and turn her skills and passion into her own business.

Rhoda Clark, Owner of Hermione's Edge Wear said:

"I have made my own equipment since I was a teenager. Years ago I made soakers (soft blade covers) for a Mr Mike Banks who sharpened my skates; and he loved and recommended them.”

“Now professionals such as Mark Henretty of Dancing on Ice have used my products alongside professionals John and Sinead Kerr for which I have Mr Banks to thank for, though sadly he is no longer with us.  The reason Mr Banks liked my creations was because I made them to the size of blade and took care in what I did. That has never changed.”

It is very much New Year, new prospects for Hermione’s Edge Wear, with the business officially launched onto the high street in November 2013. Rhoda ultimately attributes this jump to her need to accommodate for her ever-growing range, increased client base and need for further space.

Although based in Perth, Rhoda is becoming increasingly noticed on a global stage, with enquiries and orders coming in from various countries. Rhoda has also been grateful to the support provided by Business Gateway in getting her enterprise to this stage:

“The support from Business Gateway has been exceptional thus far, with great advice and information, while the free  workshops offered are well run and concise.“

Looking to the future, Rhoda has further plans ‘on ice’:

“I’d like to expand the range I offer, including buying in unusual or more specialist items for my respected customers. I would prefer to stay away from main-stream items where possible as most  rink shops carry them - I want my niche to remain individual and unique.”

In the meantime however, Rhoda is enjoying life being her own boss, doing something she loves:

“Opening the workshop has been a leap of faith in putting my business skills to the test, but I no longer dread getting up and going to work in the morning.”

Hermoine’s Edge Wear
5 St Paul’s Square, PERTH, PH1 5QW
01738 451828

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