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This week our Business Spotlight takes a look at our physical health, we look at a business we support, which through market research has recognised a fantastic niche in the wellbeing and injury rehabilitation market. Usually injury products are included as smaller ranges within main sports shops or websites, but Little Niggle gives injured shoppers a one stop shop for any injury treatment product.

With the UK’s impressive success in the 2012 Olympics and Andy Murray’s 2013 spectacular triumph just over a week ago winning the coveted Wimbledon trophy, as the first British male in 77 years to do so, Sport and Well Being are well and truly on the UK agenda.

With physical training, comes inevitable sprains, scrapes, bumps and pulls. In the pursuit of the highest wellbeing, there needs to be some attention to our bodies as a whole.

Ali Grieve’s business, Little Niggle - starting out as a small, home built enterprise in 2010, has since made a meteoric rise to address the well being and injury rehabilitation market.
Little Niggle is now a specialist supplier of Sports Performance, Injury Prevention and Sports Injury Rehabilitation Products, based in Broughty Ferry and serving sportspeople from professionals athletes to those keeping fit just for fun.

Starting this business was fuelled by a mixture of Ali’s passion, his business skills and Business Gateway’s help. Demand for Little Niggle’s services has prompted Ali to open the brand’s first retail and therapy centre in Dundee. They will offer all of their existing products and also expand the range of products further. Little Niggle will also delve deeper into offering a full range of professional treatments, for anything from sports injuries through to even long term conditions such as asthma, migraines and even improving mental focus.

Ali comments on this expansion into active treatment:

“We will become a base for a wide spectrum of services including Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractor, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy and Shiatsu with many more to follow. All of the Practitioners who will be working are professionally qualified and registered with their respective governing bodies, which ensures the services provided are of the highest standard.”

Ali also adds:

“All of our professional partners are already established, experienced and successful in their field of expertise and are very keen to be part of our new venture.”

Future goals for Little Niggle are also focussing towards getting involved with local sports teams and clubs in and around the Tayside area and even further afield. This will be in addition to Ali’s already loaded client list, which includes professional athletes and practitioners, through to the regular person taking up a bit of sport and fitness. After all, as Ali puts it, you don’t have to have “aches and pains that you shouldn’t have to live with”!

Ali’s Business Advisor, Mike Hamilton said:

“Ali had a clear vision of growth opportunities for his business and through hard work and careful business planning, with our assistance, he is now in a position to achieve significant growth and create further employment possibilities locally. His new premises will provide a much needed resource for the sporting community in Tayside and beyond, and we are delighted to have been part of his success”

Little Niggle's premises will open on Monday 22nd July in Bell Street Dundee.

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