Weddings, Parties and Babies... Oh My!


For this week’s Business Spotlight, we’re sticking with young entrepreneurs, but moving down to Tayside again,  to look at a young woman who is creating waves in Perthshire.   Along with Dundee’s recent announcement as a final four candidtate for the shortlist for City of Culture 2017 (woo!), it goes to show that Tayside folk are begining to make their presence felt on a huge scale!

This week, we’re getting ready to party! I mean, we are always ready to party, and we hope you'll be rocking out reading this Business Spotlight as we look at El Weddings and Events - a Perth based wedding and event planning business. Founder and owner, 25 year old Kirsty Lamb , as well as being a young businesswoman, is also a wife of 3 years and a mother of nearly 2.

Previously, Kirsty owned and ran her beauty salon, Beyond Beauty, but after taking a step back from the salon to have her daughter, she soon felt the business urge tingle again. After weeks of planning, she decided a career in wedding and event planning would be perfect.
However, doubters on account of her new child were never far away:

Kirsty says: 'I was told by a family member "You can either be a career woman or a mum, no-one can ever be both". It is my motivation and aim to show that person and others that with a little dedication, careful planning and patience, it is possible to have the best of both worlds.'

From this determination to follow her dreams, (and prove a few people wrong in the process!) there started El Weddings and Events, offering three main services - Wedding Planning, Party Planning for everything from engagements to children's birthdays and events. Kirsty’s skills don’t just stop at planning... As part of the service, she also offers her venue styling skills to turn the occasion into something special every time.

With Kirsty’s huge plans for the future, you can expect her services to grow even further, as she proves that family life and business life can fit together easily! Kirsty also recognises the role Business Gateway played in helping her launch her new business to a success:

‘The Business Gateway have been fantastic. I met with my Business Advisor Andrew Webster recently, he listened to everything I had to say and didn't give me the usual "there's no way you will achieve that" look that I've seen all too often recently - instead he helped me iron out the creases in my wedding, party and event master-plan leaving me feeling confident, motivated and even more determined.’

And what about the name you may ask? Or maybe you didn’t ask but here you are anyway…
The business is named after my daughter Kaci-Elle although I shortened it to 'El' to avoid confusion with Elle Magazine and Elle Wedding Magazine.




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