A Business That Literally Sticks Out

Our Business Spotlight this week explores a business that has recently emerged into the business community, and has already begun to take off in the Grampian region.

Founder Scott Crawford has developed a business that offers portrait photography and other printing services, but with a huge difference... These images will really stick out. Quite literally, as Scott’s business, Revolv3D offers the latest in 3D scanning and printing. This provides a unique and interesting alternative to your typical portrait or print, and by taking a simple 3D scan of a person or object, Scott can then create a range of 3D prints and unique 3D gifts.

Scott began his working life as a Control Systems Engineer, until his creative tendencies began to build and push their way towards the front of his mind. Having followed the progressive developments in 3D printing technology due to the potential it might have had for his field of work, an idea dawned. In 2013, after purchasing his first 3D printer, Scott followed his heart and Revolv3D was born...

The business saw its first sliver of light in March 2013 and since then Scott has overseen seen the steady and confident growth of Revolv3D. For those in Aberdeen, you may have seen Scott’s pop up store in Union Square, and Revolv3D has now been providing services to families and individuals for 3months. The business has increased its collection of 3D printers and equipment and Scott has extended his opening times. These developments have allowed Revolv3D’s production capacity to grow, and Scott is delighted that everything in the business is looking up and the future is taking shape.

Revolv3D is currently committed to opening full time, and took on the business’ first employee earlier this month.

Scott Crawford, Owner of Revolve 3D, said about his future plans:
“We plan to continue this growth with the opening of a second outlet in Glasgow during October and we also have a further range of new products in the pipeline that we hope to offer soon.”

Scott is grateful of the guidance that Business Gateway have provided him with:
“As an engineer with little experience of starting a business, I came into contact with Business Gateway. “

“I was given a wealth of information relating to the various aspects of starting a business, which was backed up by free training and face to face support. This has helped me ensure all bases were covered and aspects such as additional support and grants were identified.”


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