This weeks Business Spotlight slips on its trainers and ups its pulse rate to look at one of Aberdeen’s fittest businesses - JAM Fitness! Not all businesses have quirky tales surrounding their start-up, JAM Fitnesses’s tale is notably one of good solid hard work, ambition and self-belief.

JAM Fitness is an Aberdeen dedicated group exercise & Personal Training studio providing classes in the world renowned Les Mills programmes, Zumba, Kettlercise and Bokwa and that’s for the moment... they assure us there is much more to be added to that line-up in due course!

Jillian Burns and Mike Tracey, being the J and the M in JAM respectively, are the motivated founders, who have run down the occasionally bumpy path in setting JAM Fitness up. Before swinging the doors to their studio open for the first time to the fitness seeking masses, Jillian and Mike have pulled together all the help and support they could, ranging from parents to the Business Gateway. Jillian said:

“we received support from the Business Gateway at the initial stages, and we did loads of research ourselves.”

“In terms of the building process, we were guided along the way by my dad, Alex Burns, who runs Burns & Associates, a firm of Quantity Surveyors. He was head of our building works, and Mark Taylor of Cumming & Co was our Architect and planning guru!”

But what about those bumps in the road? The ones that hurt your backside on a bicycle? Well, now would be the perfect time for a fitness related motivational quote “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, “pain is weakness leaving the body” - oops sorry! However, Jillian and Mike have shown that plain and simple, with self-belief and the ambition to make it work you can make it happen:

“We got turned down by pretty much every bank as well, but we had so much faith in what we were doing we raised all the funds ourselves.”

“We've been open a month now- it's been a very steep learning curve but we're delighted with how it's going. Business is growing day by day, slowly but surely.”


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