Glass Blowing, Tractors and Dreams: Linda’s Winding Path to Business Success

In this week’s Business Spotlight, we look at a local business that represents a realisation of a long-held goal for the owner.

Ever since Linda Byers (pictured on the left in the photo opposite) watched glass blowing as a child, she had always been interested in the creativity of crafting unique and beautiful items from scratch. This experience helped to form Linda’s long-term goal of becoming a jewelry maker.

When Byers & Co opened on the on April the 6th, this dream was turned into a reality. Linda’s new business and premises showcase her talent at creating unique and high quality jewellery, complementing the collection of boutique shops that characterise Perth’s George Street.

Linda’s route to where she is now has seen her weave through a number of challenges. Linda’s first role was in a bank where she had the chance to hone her customer service, before her creativity then drew her towards a position in a florist. Driven by a desire to improve her practical skills, she took a position as a welder in a tractor repair yard to build up metalwork experience.

Closing in on her chosen field, Linda also won a placement creating jewellery in Neissing, Germany. She was then selected to be part of London Jewellery week 2012, in the contemporary section, ‘treasure’, where only 80 jewellers are selected each year.

With the opening of Byers & Co, Linda offers jewellery making with a difference. Each piece is made on commission, utilising an interactive design and creation process, with the end product a unique and creative piece.

Linda recalls the challenges involved in opening her new premises:

“There was lots of hard work involved in getting the shop renovated ready for opening, but it’s great having a lovely place to work in.”

Whilst getting the business off the ground, Business Gateway has always been on hand to offer advice and support when necessary. Linda says:

“Business Gateway has always been there to help me. I’ve attended the free workshops, received valuable advice from my Business Adviser, and they’ve even helped put me in touch with further contacts.”

Having realised her dream this far, Linda is now looking towards her future progression:

“I’d love to hopefully open up a second shop/ workshop in the future, to further expand my brand and creations.”

In the meantime, Linda is enjoying her new life as a business owner working in a field that she loves:

“I’m really enjoying being able to make things for a living, speaking directly to my customers, and of course, being my own boss is a huge bonus!”

Byers & Co
50 George Street, Perth, PH1 5JL
Tel: 07930320020

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