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"The shockwaves of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are moving through Scottish businesses faster than ever. We will work with tenants however we can in this war against our economy. Ready to open our doors when the shockwaves die out."   

Karen Pugh Property Director

The shockwaves of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are moving through Scottish businesses faster than ever. 

Business owners are seeking advice on how to manage their overheads, look after their staff and fundamentally prevent business closure, all while promoting economic recovery. 

On 24th March, the Scottish Government offered a lifeline as it opened applications for its Business Support Fund, designed to help SMEs deal with the impact of COVID-19. 

It comes with a sigh of relief for many small businesses, as with grants of £10,000 available to use for company overheads, they can work on their business plan for moving forward, knowing elements such as their business premises are secure. 

Working with SMEs who operate from 21 different business centres, we are already seeing the benefits this scheme can bring. After applying for the Business Support Fund with support from Elevator, individual tenants have been able to maintain their premises and avoid the inevitable – closure. There is no doubt there will have been more faced with this in the coming weeks had the Grant not been available. 

As a business support organisation, the help offered to our tenants goes further than property advice. Each is welcomed into our ecosystem community, introduced to dedicated business advisers who can bolster their strategies and thought processes, all while working together to enhance Scotland’s economy. 

Now more than ever, this support is vital. 

We will work with tenants however we can in this war against our economy. Ready to open our doors when the shockwaves die out.  

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