City Centre co-working space by Elevator 

If you are looking to present yourself as a serious business owner and working from home or taking meetings in busy coffee shops is no longer the solution, here are 10 reasons why Elevator’s new co-working space could benefit your business.

Elevator have just launched a co-working space in the heart of Aberdeen city centre to accommodate start-up business owners, freelancers and contractors who want professional and productive space: 

1. Endless networking opportunities.

Not only will you have the opportunity to build your network of contacts with other co-workers in the space, but you will also have the potential to meet their clients, colleagues and visitors. You will have opportunities to mingle with other tenants within the Aberdeen Elevator Business Centre and the footfall in the business centre as a whole. In a city centre base, you are also extremely close to all networking and business events taking place in Aberdeen. 

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2. Increased efficiencies and productivity.

In comparison to coffee shops and working from home where there are a million distractions varying from the washing machine, children, pets, TV etc - you can completely focus on your workload and the requirements of your important client base. 


3. A free month.

If you are not sure if co-working is for you, or what type of office space you would like, then a free month gives you the opportunity to 'try before you buy'. You are not tied into any contract, it is simply a goodwill gesture from Elevator, your friendly, social enterprise supporting local businesses. 


4. A professional face for your business.

Elevator Business Centres as a whole are modern, professional, light and airy buildings - ideal to impress potential clients, staff and visitors of your business. 


5. Up-to-date equipment and technology.

Trying to log into Wi-Fi codes at coffee shops or dealing with your slow Wi-Fi at home are a thing of the past with this co-working space where Wi-Fi is included, and opportunities to print/scan.  

6. Less Isolation.

Due to the networking opportunities and friendly, warm atmosphere within a co-working space, many people report feeling less isolated. Working in close quarters with other start-up businesses, freelancers and contractors leads to further opportunities to collaborate. 

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7. Beat your deadlines due to your improved efficiencies.

In a recent study done by Office Vibe, 64% of co-workers said they were better able to complete tasks on time.


8. Better Focus.

In the same study, 68% of co-workers said they were able to focus better when co-working.

9. Like-minded people, and peer support.

It can often feel like a lonely place working on your own, working with other people in the same boat can be re-assuring and offer you peer support. 

10. Less Stress.

60% of people who co-work say that they are less stressed when they are at home. 

Elevator Coworking 2015  

Our Co-working space offers users a desk, locker and Wi-Fi access. Access is available during manned reception hours (8am-8pm Monday to Friday) in an open environment. 

The co-working space is only being offered in our Aberdeen Business Centre presently where we have space to accommodate it and is being targeted towards our Founders at The Hub, new starts, contractors, freelancers etc.  There will be £0 charge in the first month, £150 + VAT per month thereafter. More traditional office space is available still in our 18 locations across Scotland. 

If you would like to find out more check out our Co-working page (embed link), call 01224 289700 or email 

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