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Simon Fraser - Project Manager:

simon fraser

Now that the challengers have fully recovered from their midge bites, bumps and bruises, I thought it was time to get something up on our website to tell you about this year’s Elevator Challenge.

We took 30 enterprising 18 – 30 year olds to an outdoor activity centre near Stirling to take part in a 3 day challenge and they came back full of energy, enthusiasm and passion to drive their businesses/ideas forward.

Below you will hear from one of our Project Managers who joined us for the first time and then a few words from a couple of the challengers. If this has made you think you’d love the chance to come along on the Elevator Challenge 2016 then give me an email on or call 07876443436.

Cheers, Simon

Lynne Martin - Project Manager: 

lynne martin

I’ve been with Elevator as a member of the projects team for two years, and attended the Elevator Challenge for the first time this summer.

Let me start by saying that my main focus at Elevator is employability. The entrepreneurship element of what our Projects Team delivers is very much the role of my other colleagues who have more experience in the area. But, tasked with roaming the site of the Challenge to take photographs and video footage of the activities, I was given a soft introduction to the business of bringing the best out in the entrepreneurially inclined.  

On the first day, I had sort of expected to be confronted with a bus full of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson types, and while I’m sure that many of our participants will one day go on to replicate their successes, that is not what I found. Instead, I was greeted by a friendly bunch of students and business owners from the North-east who were keen to get going with the weekend, even though they weren’t sure what to expect.

I’ve taken a lot out of the Elevator Challenge, and one of the main lessons is that not all entrepreneurs look the same, although they have similar characteristics when it comes to daring to try something new- and this weekend was something they were giving a go because they believed it could help their personal and business development- and it absolutely did. 

I’ve been warned about giving spoilers, so I’m not going to mention anything we did on the weekend, but I can honestly say that the activities involved absolutely brought out the best in the participants. The Elevator Challenge is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s not just a weekend away to an activity centre interspersed with business challenges- it’s much bigger than that. It’s inspiring, gruelling, and physically and mentally draining.

It’s frustrating and heart-warming.

It’s about teamwork and individual achievement.  It will build you up then break you down, and build you up again. It forces people to go further, push harder, do things that might have seemed unthinkable the week before, and look at their businesses and themselves in a new light. It’s about making the most of yourself and opportunities that are presented to you. It is, in short, brilliant. If you are aged 18-30, and are thinking about starting a business or have an existing one, I have two words for you. Do it!

Here’s to the Elevator Challenge 2016.  See you there.

Yva Yorston Elevator Challenge 2015

Yva with Karen Clark, Project Manager

Yva Yorston, Founder, Boost Business Support

Well, what a weekend I had.

I am bruised, battered, aching and bitten, but boy was it worth it.

I learned so much about myself and about others, made amazing friends, overcame fears and broke down mental barriers.

I am so proud of 'Team Red' - we proved that the underdogs can come out on top, and we had fun in the process. My little trophy will sit pride of place above my desk, as a daily reminder of the lessons I have learned and a symbol of the success that, I now know, one day I will achieve. 


Teodora Elevator Challenge 2015

Teodora with Karen Clark, Project Manager

Teodora Maghear, Enterprise Coordinator, University of Dundee.

If you're expecting the Elevator Challenge to be fun, thought-provoking and demanding - well you're right, it is, but multiply this by 100 and you're closer to reality. You get to work hard, sweat, learn about yourself and others while having fun. The Elevator Challenge is the go-to activity for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, enterprise and team-building exercises. I am delighted I took part in the 2015 Challenge, and would definitely recommend it to everyone! 

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