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“The impact of the pandemic on creative businesses has been catastrophic, not only the loss in revenue, but also witnessing the sector being deemed as non-essential has a devastating personal impact."

Lynne Martin Creative Accelerator Manager

Elevator names a group of fifteen for its first creative accelerator in the Central Belt.  

The selected companies – known as Founders - will undergo a 12-week mentorship programme, during which they will be coached to apply curiosity and growth mindset to their practices. In addition, they will expand their networks as well as develop their business value propositions.

The Glasgow Creative Accelerator powered by Elevator, forming part of the Glasgow City Council’s Business Growth Programme, aims to drive the evolution of the creative sector and offer targeted support with an innovative approach.

Each Founder will engage in one-to-one sessions along with agitator and professional partner surgeries. By the end of the programme, each will have the chance to pitch their projects and business ideas to potential investors.

Lynne Martin, Elevator’s Creative Accelerator Manager, said: “The creative industries sector is diverse by nature and we are delighted to be working with a variety of talented Glasgow-based participants who are passionate, motivated and ready to achieve their fullest potential.

“The impact of the pandemic on creative businesses has been catastrophic, not only the loss in revenue, but also witnessing the sector being deemed as non-essential has a devastating personal impact.

“We will ensure we support our Founders to achieve their goals of building sustainable businesses in the wake of Covid-19. We are confident we will deliver huge benefits to the creative sector not only in Glasgow, but across Scotland as a whole.”

The fully funded accelerator programme commenced on Monday 8th March. It will combine a blended mix of online and in-person learning, subject to change following updates to Government guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies selected for the inaugural Glasgow Creative Accelerator powered by Elevator are:

  • Perceptive Communicators: a multi-award-winning communications consultancy specialising in construction, economic development, life sciences/health and technology.
  • Tickir Ltd: the publisher of ‘News in Network’ – a website which uses AI to summarise exciting news and allows journalists to research, write and break the news.
  • A Year Of Small Changes: an innovative, holistic, video-based behavioural change programme created by a team of four health and wellbeing experts.
  • Cameron Mackay Productions: a film and soundtrack music production company specialising in storytelling about sustainability, nature and climate change.
  • Gaelleria: an e-commerce site with a 360-degree gallery, selling the work of Scottish-based creatives and enhancing brand awareness.
  • Partychat Ltd: a new independent clothing brand which combines dance culture and streetwear to foster a unique creative approach.
  • Scotch!: a television and film company which harnesses creative output and a defined focus to produce high quality broadcast television from Scotland to the world
  • Hursto Creative: providing high quality, creative graphic design to small businesses with a focus on care and client satisfaction. Services include brand identity design, marketing collateral, POS and document design.
  • Tarney and Dolan: a small, slow made Scottish jewellery brand with all pieces created by hand with care and attention.
  • Bobbll: a recruitment company helping clients find on-demand talent fill any skills gaps they have in their team for temporary, project-based positions.
  • Ne’er-Do-Well: a clothing company for men with a focus on smart clothing being accessible to all, inspired by the Glaswegian working class.
  • Start Making Video: a video production company which helps individuals to plan and produce simple, high quality video content on their smartphones.
  • Hazel Marshall: a story consultant and script writer for the television industry, assisting at all stages of the production process.
  • Chimera Tales Ltd: a computer gaming company with a focus on narrative game experiences relating to social, political and historical topics.
  • Clare English: a coaching and consultancy service designed to improve communication, whether that be in person or digitally through podcasts, webinars and so on.
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