At long last the day finally arrived for the Grampian Awards for Business Enterprise gala dinner - the 21st of June 2012.

The AV team, hotel staff and Fairytale events were all on site and setting up from 9am - there is a lot to get done before the guests arrive at 6.30pm. Tables and chairs to dress, stage to build, back drop and lights to hang, sound checks, laying of tables and that's all before our team arrived.

We then double check all the tables for the right number of seats, there are always last minute changes to be made and we do like to get it right. By 5pm we're almost ready for a sound check and by 6pm it really is time to go and get the glad rags on.

Only a couple of wee hiccups which were outwith our control. The weather, certainly didn't plan for torrential rain on mid summers day and a lorry shedding it's load on Market Street, Aberdeen, as a result the AV team had to do a bit of improvisation as a van was stuck on the wrong side of the hold up. Details of the evening in the next post...

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