We are the largest deliverer of Business Gateway in Scotland covering from Peterhead to Dundee, advising all kinds of businesses from pig farmers to computer programmers! In fact there aren’t many kinds of business start-ups we haven’t spoken to over the years!

Starting up for the first time can be a very daunting prospect, that’s why we are here to put your mind at ease. Yes, there are lots of things to think about, people to speak to and things do but through it all Business Gateway is here to assist you. If you are a complete newbie to business and need find to out exactly what you have to do to get your business off the ground then our Start-Up Awareness workshop should be the first stop for you!

Top 5 tips from the Start-Up Workshop

1. Market research – once you have an idea for a business it is essential that you carry out extensive market research to make sure there is a demand for your product service. The Business Gateway Enquiry service can do much of this… for free! (0845 609 6611)

2. Money Matters – research costs/ get prices right. It is essential that you know exactly what records you need to keep, what you want from a bank and vitally you must know how much you need to make for your business to survive! Research how much it will cost you to start the business and think of ways to can cut costs, could you get your equipment second hand? Can you get stock on credit? Could you start from home?

3. Actions – this would be part of your business plan. It is really important that you make an extensive list of people you must speak to, items you must source, and places you must visit to help you in your new venture. Realistic deadlines should be set for when your actions must be completed by; a good tip is to get the difficult ones done first!

4. Goals – Why are you starting the business? What do you hope to achieve? How will you know if you business has been successful? It is important to have goals to motivate you and evaluate how the business has performed. Make sure the goals are achievable though! Some may aim to buy over a Premier League football team with the profits from the business, other may look to turn over £50k in their first year, you may aim to take on your 1st employee, you may aim to sell your business; everyone will be different.

5. USP – think about your USP (unique selling point), why would customers want to use your business ahead of competitors? Why do your customers need you? Identify what your business will do best and make that your focus!

To book a place on any of our Start-Up Awareness (or any other workshops) give us a call on 01224 289725.

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